Moodle How-Tos

Getting started in Moodle

Consult these guides for the most essential steps all Moodle editors would need to know.


Moodle Accessibility

Essential guides to making Moodle content more accessible

Structuring your Moodle course

Learn how to change the course format, add sections and blocks, and edit the course image and summary. 

Course administration

These guides explain the different course settings, how to import content from other courses, how to reset a course and some additional features.

Manage enrolments

Learn about how to enrol students, staff and users with public accounts, manage groups and groupings.


Detailed guides of setting up and using the Assignment activity for formative and summative assessment.

Add activities

Learn how to set up and use the activities listed in the Activity chooser.

Add resources

Learn how to set up the resources listed in the Activity chooser.

FAQs for Students