Course settings

Why use it?

A teacher, or other users with the update course settings capability, can change the settings for a course. This allows for important course details to be updated on the Moodle course page as required.

Step 1: Edit the course settings

To edit the course settings, from the course left hand side Administration block click Edit settings. You will be redirected to the course settings page.

Step 2: Settings

Tip: Click on the question mark icon next to any setting to display extra help or click on Moodle Docs for this page link at the bottom of each page in Moodle for accessing context-specific documentation.


Course full name

Choose the name that will be displayed in the searchable course list.

Course short name

Usually the course code and it is display in the navigation.

Course category

This is where your course is located, usually the Category is the Department.

Course visibility

Choose to either Hide or Show your course to students. If a course is hidden, the course name will appear greyed out. The hidden course is unaccessible to students but accessible for all course editors and teachers.

Course start / end date

Choose a course start date and an ed date. If the course end date is in the past, the course will be displayed in the past courses in the course overview block.


Course summary

This is the course description. As best practice, do not repeat the course name but instead give a brief summary of the contents of the course and its objectives. The course description helps students to find the course.


Course summary files

This is the course image.

Course format

Choose the layout of your course. All courses are divided in section from which content can be added to.