Edit course content

Editing Mode

The Edit Mode toggle button is in the top right corner.

Edit Mode off

Ed Mode on

Edit Mode off

Ed Mode on


Go to the course page and switch to EDITING MODE - top right hand cornner next to your profile icon.

If you cannot see this option, you will need to request editing permissions from your Departmental Administrator or another member of the administrative team.

Once you turn editing on, you will notice extra icons and an Edit menu appearing on different parts of the screen. You will also notice the option to Add an activity or resource for every course section.


Add activities and resources to the course sections

In the section where you would like your activity or resource to be displayed, click Add an activity or resource. More detailed guides on how to add different types of activities and resources can be found on the front page of the ‘Moodle How-Tos’ guides.

Tip: Click on the question mark icon next to any setting to display extra help or click on Moodle Docs for this page link at the bottom of each page in Moodle for accessing context-specific documentation.

Edit existing activities and resources

To edit content that has already been added to the course, click on the cog icon displayed next to it and select Edit settings.

For any other changes, click the drop-down and select accordingly:

  • To change the appearance or behaviour of the resource or activity, select Edit settings.

  • To indent, use Move right.

  • To hide the resource or activity from students, use Hide.

  • To make a copy, use Duplicate. This is useful when setting up multiple versions of an activity as it will replicate the settings.

  • Assign roles if you are altering the default roles for the activity. For example, you may give students editing rights on a quiz.

  • Use Delete if you no longer require the resource and wish to remove it.

Edit the name of a resource or an activity

To edit the name of a resource or activity, click the pencil icon . Type the new title and press the Enter key to save changes.

Move resources and activities

Use the drag and drop icon to move individual resources or activities.

Edit sections

To edit sections, click on Edit next to the section title. From the drop-down, you can choose to either edit the section’s content, highlight the section, hide it or delete it.