Public Accounts to access Moodle

LSE Public Accounts are typically used by someone who is not currently a student or member of staff at LSE. Public accounts give limited access to some services and resources. They do not give access to library online resources for example, nor automatic access to Moodle. Where this access is necessary, for example for external assessors, a department should write to with the external assessor’s email address which must match the emails used to set up their public account. We will then be able to create a Moodle account for them.

New staff and students who accessed Moodle with a public account first should cease to do so as soon as they receive their actual LSE network account. It is not possible to merge them. Ideally, they should close their Public accounts using the self-service page. Public accounts are also not available to LSE alumni for Moodle access.

Note: Public accounts do not grant access to any of the electronic readings provided by the Library.

To request Moodle access with an LSE Public account, contact us at and provide the user’s full name and their valid email address with which they have or will create their public account.

Public account holders for whom we have created Moodle access can then be enrolled in a course via Manual enrolment method (see ).