Course Reuse

Formerly known as “import”


Why use it?

Allows for reusing / copying across content, activities and resources form one course to another.

Step 1: Import

Go to the course page you would like to import INTO.

From the quick navigation menu chose MORE drop-down, then “course reuse”


Find a course to import data from (use the search bar if necessary) and select it. Click Continue.

Step 2: Settings

Tip: Click on the question mark icon next to any setting to display extra help or click on Moodle Docs for this page link at the bottom of each page in Moodle for accessing context-specific documentation.

Initial settings

Tick all boxes that apply to import items.

Click Next. The course items will be displayed on this screen.

Tip: if you are confident you want to import all items, you can scroll down and chose “jump to final step ”.

Schema settings

Select the items you want to include in the import. Once done, scroll down and click Next.

Confirmation and review

Review and confirm the import. Once done, scroll down and click Perform import.

Perform import


Note: importing may take a few minutes depending on the number or size of items selected.

If the import is completed, the page displays the following message: “Import complete. Click continue to return to the course”.