Moodle How-TosRestore deleted activities and resources

Restore deleted activities and resources

Why use it?

The Recycle bin, much like the recycle bin found on many desktop machines, allows you to delete content from your course and restore it, especially if you accidentally deleted the wrong item. Content will be kept in the recycle bin for 7 days.

Recycle bin

  1. Go to the course page

  2. From the quick navigation menu chose the MORE drop-down, then “recycle bin”

Recycle bin under MORE
Choose to restore deleted item(s)


Note: The recycle bin will not show if there is nothing to restore or if nothing has been deleted.

3. Click on the restore icon next to the activity you wish to restore.

Once an activity/resource has been restored, it should be located at the bottom of the section/topic in which it was originally in.

Content will be kept in the recycle bin for 7 days only.