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Section Summaries:

This space informs about blended learning and why and how educational technology can help scaffold student learning.

Introduction to how good Moodle course design is essential to ensure universal access. Includes the LSE Moodle Baseline.

A wide selection of how-to guides, neatly organised into sections to make it easier for teachers to find information they need.

How and why to use Moodle for assessment. Includes sections on TurnItIn text matching software.

A comprehensive collection of guides on how to set up lecture recording for your students.

A comprehensive collection of guides on how to set up zoom meetings and how to use them for teaching.

Advice on creating video content and other multimedia software.

Advice to students on how to use online tools for learning.

Guidance on accessibility and universal design and (coming soon) Guides on how to use the new accessibility tool.

The pages here were created in response to the 2020 move to online teaching during the pandemic. You can access them from the menu on the left or below. They still offer useful information for fully online and blended learning, but do not fit into other sections. We may archive these pages in the future.

LSE Eden Digital (CC BY-SA 4.0)