Enrolment methods

Why use it?

Enrolment methods make it possible for users to be added to Moodle courses in different ways.

Step 1: Add an Enrolment method

Go to your course.

Choose Participants in the quick navigation menu at top of course, then choose Enrolment Methods from the dropdown menu below. Screenshot:


On the Enrolment methods page, you will find the already enabled enrolment methods.

To add a new one, select a method from the Add method drop down menu.

On the next page, complete the required settings and click the Add method button.


Step 2: Enrolment method settings

Tip: Click on the question mark icon next to any setting to display extra help or click on Moodle Docs for this page link at the bottom of each page in Moodle for accessing context-specific documentation.

Manual enrolments: Enrol Users

Participants > default option is Enrolled users. Click on red enrol user button.

On the Enrolled users page, you can view and filter all currently enrolled users.

To enrol a new user in the course, click the Enrol users button on the top or bottom right hand side of the page.

Please note that the user must have previously signed into LSE Moodle using their LSE credentials before you can manually enrol them on a course.

Self enrolment

Add a self-enrolment method to allow users to directly self-enrol on the course page.

On the settings page, select a role from the Default assigned role drop-down. As default, the self-enrolment method will enable users to self-enrol as Auditing-students.

To restrict access to the course, you can set an Enrolment key. When students go to the course for the first time, they will be asked to input the enrolment key.

Note: most courses at LSE have self-enrolment enabled without an enrolment key.

Use this method if you wish all the students from another course to be added on your course.

Please note that if students are added via this method, they can only be removed from the course by removing them from the original one. As this method is only used for special circumstances, please contact Eden.Digital@lse.ac.uk before using it.

Step 3: Manage enrolment methods

Go to Administration block > Users > Enrolment methods page. Use the icons next to the enrolment method to delete, enable/disable, enrol users or edit the enrolment method settings, respectively.

Automatic enrolments (LSE IMS Messaging)

At the beginning of every academic year, most students and teachers are automatically enrolled via LSE IMS Messaging enrolment method.

This method automatically creates groups and cohorts, and enrols students and teachers based on the current timetable. 

Category enrolments

Users can be enrolled at a Category level, meaning they will have access and permissions for all courses under that category.

Note: Contact Eden.Digital@lse.ac.uk if you would like us to enrol a user at a category level.

Roles and permissions

Roles are assigned to users to define their permissions and capabilities in Moodle. Below is a list of default roles available.



Assign to



Assign to


Can access and edit a course. Can manage enrolments, including the ability to enrol Teacher (Editors). Managers are always able to view student identities even when anonymity settings are enabled (for example ‘anonymous submissions’).

Course, programme, departmental managers and administrators.

Teacher (Editor)

Can access and edit a course. Can manage enrolments (for Teacher and Student roles).

Teachers and administrators that will need to make changes to the course content, activities and resources.


Can access a course and grade activities but cannot edit or delete any course content, activities or resources.

Teachers that will not need to edit the course content, activities or resources.


Can access a course and participate in the course activities without editing permissions.

To students registered in a course.

Auditing - student

Can access a course and participate in the course activities without editing permissions.

Students not registered in a course via LSE For You.


How to assign a role to an enrolled user?

Participants > Enrolled Users

Search the enrolled user. From the Roles column, click the pencil icon. Choose the new role to be assigned and click the save (disk) icon to save the changes.