Provide grades and feedback with bulk upload of feedback files

Why use it?

The bulk upload option allows markers to upload files to all students in the submissions table. This saves time and prevents errors. These could include a feedback file as well as the the submitted script which teacher has marked using annotations or track changes.

Step 1: Add an assignment

See for the settings. When setting up the Assignment, under Feedback types, make sure Feedback files is enabled (ticked).

Step 2: Students submit

Step 3: View the submissions table

Once the deadline for students to submit has passed, click on the assignment. This will bring up the Grading summary which will show the number of participants and submissions.  Click on View all submissions to view the submissions table.


Screenshot of the Teacher (editor) view of the assignment activity with a red box highlighting the 'view all submissions' button on Moodle


The marking/submissions table lists all students and their submissions.  If ‘anonymous submissions’ is enabled submissions are identified by a number unique to this assignment. 

N.B. Those with the Manager role can view student identities even when 'anonymous submissions' is enabled.

The table has a variety of filters and columns - see more details on the .

Step 4: Download the student submissions in folders

Make sure that you have selected Download submissions in folders at the bottom of the submissions table.

Screenshot of the bottom of the submissions page of the assignment activity on Moodle. A red box is highlighting a ticked checkbox next to the label 'Download submissions in folders'.


Click on the Download all submissions button which can be found in the top right hand corner of the submissions page.


All the submissions will be downloaded into individual folders into one zip file.

Save the zip file somewhere on your device.

Extract all the files and save the unzipped contents.

Do not rename the folder file names as these are needed to ensure the files can be successfully uploaded back into Moodle.

Why is there a file missing? If a student uploads a file with a name that contains a special character (eg. < > : “ / \ | ;? ) you may find that that student’s file is missing when you unzip the folder on a Windows computer. You can resolve this by using a third-party unzipper like 7-Zip, or by downloading the student’s submission separately.

Step 5: Add your files

Open up each folder to view the individual student submissions. It is now possible to edit the student submissions with track changes or pdf annotations - make sure you save the amended files back into the correct folder.

You can also add additional files to each folder as required.

Once you have saved all your feedback files into the correct folders you are ready to zip them back up to go into Moodle.

Step 6: Zip up your feedback files

Select all the folders, right click and send to Compressed (zipped) folder.


Step 7: Upload the files back into Moodle

Go to the Grading action menu at the top of the submissions table, select upload multiple feedback files in a zip from the drop down list.



Any files will now be added to the submissions table under the feedback files column.

Step 8: Release marks

Marking workflow state

Marking workflow is enabled by default. To release the marks using marking workflow see below.

When you are ready to release marks to students, select the submissions for which you want to use marking workflow using the Select box to left of each submission – to select all submissions, click the Select all box under Select. Scroll to the bottom of the page and from the drop-down menu With selected… select Set marking workflow state and Go. You will be asked to confirm, click ok.

Select Released from the drop down options and then save changes. At this stage (and earlier stages) you can choose to Notify students by selecting Yes to generate an email.

Students will then be able to review their grades and feedback.

NOTE: If ‘anonymous submissions’ is in use with marking workflow, you will need to reveal student identities before the grades are released. To do this, select Reveal student identities in the Grading action drop-down menu at the top of the submissions table. If you cannot find this option, you will need to ask someone with Teacher (Editor) or higher access to do it.



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