Why use them?

Blocks can be added to the side of course pages to display additional information or to include additional features to be used in your course.

Blocks can be moved around or deleted.

Step 1: Add a Block

Go to the course page and Turn editing on.

On the left side of your course page, scroll down to Add a block. Click Add… and from the drop-down select the name of the block you want to add.

Adding a block will cause the page to reload. Locate the newly added block on the left-hand side of your course page.


Step 2: Move a block

Go to the course page and Turn editing on.

To move a block, click and hold the drag and drop icon on the right top corner of the block and drag the block to a new position.

Remove a block

Go to the course page and Turn editing on.

To remove a block, click the cog icon on the right top corner of the block and from the drop-down click Delete block.

List of available blocks



Useful links



Useful links


Provide users with accessibility tools to customise Moodle pages. Some of these features, include changing the default page font-size and colour scheme.


Quickly access activities in a Moodle course. This block lists all activities in your course grouped by type of activity (Forums, Assignments, Quizzes and so forth).


Depending on your role and permissions in Moodle. This blocks provides links for the administration of a course, activities and resources.

Blog menu

Quickly access and/or enter course blog entries.

Blog tags

Displays a list of a course blogs. A bigger font-size indicates the most frequently used blogs.


Displays course and site events in a calendar such as assignment deadlines.

Compile discussions

This block will list all the forums and open forums in a course, in two drop-down menus. Selecting a forum from the menu will display all discussions in that forum, in a nested layout, on a single page. This is useful for exporting or printing forum discussions.


Completion Progress

Displays the activities/resources of a course that has been (or not yet) completed by a student.

Course overview

This block enables students to check their course progress and view upcoming deadlines. It allows teachers to easily see activities needing grading.

Course/site summary

Displays the course description.


It lists links to all courses in which the user is enrolled on.

E-journal link fixer

Adds the required prefixes to the URL of a journal article.


Global search

Enables site-wide text searches in Moodle, to easily find specific content in all Moodle pages.


As a course editor, use this block to to add custom text, multimedia or widgets.

Latest announcements

Displays recent announcements posted form an announcement forum in a course.

Latest badges

Displays the users earned badges.

Learning plans

Quickly access learning plans.

Library search

Searches items from the library catalogue.


Logged in user

Displays the profile of the user who is currently logged in Moodle.


Provides navigation links to navigate Moodle’s site and course pages.


Provides selective, bulk emailing within courses.

Recent activity

Displays participants updates since they last accessed the course.

Search forums

Enables text-searches in a course forums.

Section links

Quickly navigate to a particular topic/week section of the course.

Social activities

Enables additional activities to be added to a course using the social course format.

Upcoming events

Lists upcoming events from the Calendar.