Privacy considerations when using Zoom

  1. The data Zoom collects about users in Europe and the UK is covered by GDPR, and to that degree users do have to explicitly provide consent for use of their data (which can be withdrawn at any time). Any complaints about use of data can be made to Zoom’s Data Protection Officer (see

  2. Zoom AI Companion features are not currently enabled for LSE Zoom users while we consider the impact on the privacy of information shared during a meeting with AI Companion enabled.

  3. See our Getting Started with Zoom Checklist if you would like guidance regarding Zoom-bombing

If you are going to record a session:

Remind participants the session will be recorded (if applicable) and that the recording maybe viewed by students/people who have not taken part in the session (if applicable).
If you do not let participants know about the recording and whether it will be posted online, you will not be able to use it for anything other than personal use.


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