Using Zoom to record a live or pre-recorded session

Before you start recording

Notify participants
If you are going to record a live session:

Remind participants the session will be recorded (if applicable) and that the recording may be viewed by students/people who have not taken part in the session (if applicable).
If you do not let participants know about the recording and whether it will be posted online, you will not be able to use it for anything other than personal use.

First check that you have the “Automatically copy Zoom recordings to Echo 360” option enabled on your Echo 360 profile.

IMPORTANT: Do not link directly from Moodle to Zoom Cloud recordings. You must link to the Echo 360 copies of your recordings. Zoom recordings will be automatically deleted from Zoom Cloud Storage 90 days after recording.

To start recording

To record your Zoom session, click the arrow next to the “Record” button at the bottom of the screen and choose “Record to the Cloud”

  • Once your session ends, the recording will be sent to Echo360 for processing.

  • You will receive two emails: one from Zoom with instructions on downloading the recording, and another from Echo360.

  • Please be aware that processing by Zoom and Echo 360 can take a significant amount of time (more than a few hours), especially at busy times of the year.

  • If Zoom or Echo 360 are experiencing significant processing delays then you can choose to record future sessions to your computer using ‘Record on this Computer’ (not available for iOS/Android devices). You will then need to upload your recordings to Echo 360 manually.

Publish your recording to a course section on Echo 360

If your Zoom teaching session was scheduled using the Zoom Meetings Manager tool within Moodle you can skip this section and go straight to to the “Add a link from Moodle to your recording(s) on Echo 360” section below. If you need to edit or otherwise manage your recordings see our Echo360 guides.

  • If your Zoom teaching session was not scheduled using the Zoom Meetings Manager within Moodle (i.e. the old Zoom activity within Moodle, the Zoom application, Outlook etc), then please see this flowchart for an overview of how to ensure that your recording is published to Echo 360 and accessible from Moodle.

  • You will receive two emails, the first from Zoom and the second email to confirm that the recording has been published to Echo 360. To review your recording, log in to and select “Library” from the top menu bar. Your recording name will correspond to your Zoom session name.

  • If necessary, you can edit the recording.

  • Before you can link to the recording from your Moodle course, you must publish it to a course in Echo 360 for it to be available to your Moodle course.

  • See our Publishing Echo 360 recordings guide for full details of how to publish.

You can find more information on the integration between Zoom and Echo 360 on the Echo 360 support pages.

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