Delete Zoom Cloud Recordings

Why do I need to delete my Zoom cloud recordings?

LSE has a limited amount of cloud capacity with Zoom so it cannot be used for long-term storage of recordings. Please delete your old recordings, especially any recordings already copied to Echo 360 to ensure that LSE does not run out of space. To keep your recordings before deleting them you should download them to your own storage.

Steps to delete Zoom cloud recordings

  1. Browse to and log on using your LSE credentials.

  2. Select Recordings from the menu on the left.

  3. From the list of recordings under your account, select the recording(s) you wish to delete by clicking the checkboxes to the left.

  4. Click Delete Selected to delete the recordings.

  5. Alternatively just click Delete All to delete all of your cloud recordings.

Recovering deleted Zoom cloud recordings

If you realise after the event that you have deleted the wrong recording it's possible to recover deleted recordings up to 30 days after they have been deleted. Please see the following Zoom guide to recovering deleted recordings.



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