I need to transfer ownership of my Zoom meetings and/or webinars to somebody else

Sometimes it is necessary to transfer ownership of Zoom meetings or webinars between members of staff. The most common scenario is when somebody is leaving LSE and they have already scheduled a series of meetings or webinars for events involving external participants and they would like to hand these over to a colleague.

This method can also be used to simply transfer ownership of meetings or webinars between colleagues where responsibility for those meetings has changed.

  1. The person leaving LSE needs to give Zoom scheduling privileges to the colleague who will remain an LSE member of staff and is taking ownership of the meetings/webinars. To do this, the person leaving needs to:

    1. Go to the Zoom settings page.

    2. Scroll down to the schedule privilege section (second from the bottom).

    3. Click on the + sign to the right of "Assign scheduling privilege to" and enter the LSE email address of the colleague who will take ownership of the meetings. 

      Screenshot highlighting the Zoom 'assign scheduling privilege' Plus Sign.
  2. The person taking ownership of the meetings/webinars will then need to edit the settings for each meeting/webinar and change the “Schedule for” setting to “Myself” so that they are now the meeting host (see below). Once this is done, the person leaving LSE will no longer be host for the meeting/webinar and will be replaced by the colleague remaining an LSE member of staff.

Screenshot showing the Zoom 'schedule for' dialogue box


It is also possible to achieve this using the same method but the other way round, i.e. the person taking ownership of meetings gives scheduling privilege to the person who is leaving/handing over the meetings. In this scenario, the person handing over the meetings will then need to edit the settings for each meeting to make their colleague the new host.

This might be a more desirable solution where the person handing over meetings would like to control which meetings are handed over.

You may also find the ‘How to schedule Zoom meetings on behalf of others’ guide useful.