Lecture recording (Echo360) guidesUpload Slides into an Echo360 recording

Upload Slides into an Echo360 recording


If for any reason the lecture recording system (Echo360) has not recorded your slides, fret not. It’s possible to upload them after the video has finished processing. It’s really easy!

Watch the short video guide, or read the instructions below:


Written instructions

  1. Log onto Moodle and access the lecture recording activity
    Upon accessing the Echo360 platform via Moodle, you will see a list of courses. Click ALL CLASSES to see the recordings for that particular course. You will then see a page like this:


  2. Select the blue + icon on the desired lecture recording
    Next to the green play button, there is a blue and white + icon that will open a new window that looks like this:

  3. Select Upload a file
    Echo only supports Powerpoints (.ppt) or PDF (.pdf) files. If you have slides in any other form, they will need to be converted first. After you upload your slides, it will automatically be processed into the recording. This process may take a few minutes. You will receive an email when it is finished processing. Additionally, the blue + icon will change from a grey slide projector icon to a green slide projector icon.

  4. Watch the recording with slides
    Students will now have multiple video options while watching the recording. Their view will be similar to the graphic below. Students can manually scroll through the slides as you lecture or hide the slides if they prefer.

    Screen grab of an Echo 360 recording