Create a single file for your submission

When completing your assessments online, you may be required to submit one file only. If this is the case, you will be instructed by your department. This file will need to include both your answers and the coversheet. In the case of students with Individual Exam Adjustments, it will also need to include your Letter of Notification. You may also be required to submit a PDF file rather than any other file format. We advise that you practise the following processes well in advance of taking your assessments so that you feel confident and comfortable on the day of your assessment.

This guide will help you to:

A. Combine a number of documents into one file ready for submission

B. Convert a Word document into a PDF file

If you need to scan and submit images as part of your assessment submission, please read our

A. Combine a number of documents into one file ready for submission.

The easiest way to combine various documents (coversheet, your answer, letter of notification etc.) is simply to copy and paste into one Word document. If you are not familiar with this, expand the next section for detailed step-by-step guidance.

  • Open your answer paper and the coversheet as separate documents

  • Select all of your coversheet. You can do this by either highlighting all of the coversheet or by pressing Command-A (MAC) or Ctrl-A (Windows)(select all)

  • Copy the highlighted text (Command-C/ Ctrl-C)

  • Place your cursor at the start of the top line of your answer document (above any text)

  • Paste in the coversheet text (Command-V/ Ctrl-V)

  • You may need to insert a page break (insert > page break) or press return a few times to ensure that your answer paper and coversheet are on separate pages

  • If you need to add a letter of notification, repeat the steps above. Your letter of notification should be positioned in between your coversheet and your answer paper.

  • Save the document. Make sure you name the file in accordance with the guidance provided by your department.

B. Convert a Word document into a PDF file

  • Open your answer document in Word

  • Choose File > Save as

  • Choose where you wish to save the PDF version of the file

  • In the File Format drop down menu, select PDF

Above: Mac interface
Below: Windows interface

  • If you are given the option, choose “Best for electronic distribution and accessibility” (MAC) or “Standard (publishing online and printing)” (Windows)

Above: Mac interface
Below: Windows interface

  • Click Export (MAC) or Save (Windows)

Please always save your work to cloud based storages (e.g. OneDrive) as a backup.

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