Submit/upload your assessment on Moodle (for time limited assessments to be taken within a 24-hour window)

Important: Please make sure that you start your attempt with at least the assessment’s allocated time remaining in your 24-hour period. For example, if 3 hours have been allocated to the assessment, starting an attempt with less than 3 hours remaining in the 24-hour window will reduce the time you have available (i.e. accessing the assessment questions 2 hours before the deadline, gives you only 2 hours to complete the assessment).

Note: Assessments show the times they are due according to the timezone selected in your Moodle profile (you can change this to reflect your current residence’s timezone in your Moodle profile). Otherwise, times are in UK time.

Note: You should always read and follow your department’s/ your assessment-specific instructions carefully.

Open your assessment (Quiz)

Log into Moodle and access your course (eg. SO301). The assessment will be available and accessible at a time and date set by your department for 24 hours.

You will be shown the link ‘greyed out’ before it opens, with restrictions showing:

At the release time/date, this will change to allow you to access it:

Start your assessment (Quiz)

Make sure you start the Quiz with at least the time limit left (as advised above). Open your assessment and, when you are ready, choose “Attempt quiz now”. You will be asked to confirm. Once you start your attempt, the clock starts to count down.

The next window will provide you access to your paper and relevant assessment guidelines and School regulations about academic integrity and so on.

Download your Question paper

Download any documents and follow the instructions carefully. You can leave this Quiz now and prepare your answer(s) according to your instructions. Whenever you return to the Quiz, the Quiz navigation section will show your remaining time.

IMPORTANT: Always keep an eye in the remaining time. You must prepare, upload and submit your file within the allocated time limit.

Please note that Moodle will log you out after 4 hours of inactivity.

Submit your files

  • When you are ready to submit your answers, return to the Quiz and either drag and drop your files or use the file picker (top left corner of the file upload area).

  • Click Finish attempt (red button at the bottom) to save your answer

If you chose a wrong file, you can replace it, provided you are within the allocated time limit.


In order to successfully submit your answers, you must click Submit all and finish.

Note: you MUST submit (Submit all and finish) within the allocated time limit.
Make sure you DO NOT exceed the time limit.

If you experience any problems during submission, please follow the advice provided on the Moodle page to email your file(s) as soon as possible to the relevant Departmental staff. Please note that you are subject to incurring late penalties if you submit your assessment late.

Please note that you are subject to incurring late penalties if you submit your assessment late. Students who experience exceptional circumstances should follow the School’s Exceptional Circumstances Policy. Failing to submit valid and successful exceptional circumstances for late submission would automatically result in students being awarded a Zero Fail.

After the due date and time, IF YOU DID NOT SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH your attempt will be marked as “never submitted”.

When you click on submit all and finish, you will be asked to confirm the action.

Do not forget to Submit all and Finish BEFORE THE END OF THE ALLOCATED TIME, or you will be recorded as “never submitted”.

Please always save your work to cloud based storages (e.g. OneDrive) as a backup.