Activity completion

Quick overview

Activity completion allows the lecturer to set completion criteria for a specific activity or resource. A tick appears against the item when the student meets the criteria. The criterion might be viewing, receiving a certain score or a student marking it as complete. Through Activity Completion staff and students can track learner progress. Activities might be shown to be 'completed' automatically e.g. when a quiz is submitted, or manually marked as completed by the Student. Used together with restrict access, you can explore opportunities for self-directed learning.

Self-Directed Learning

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  • create structured routes through the materials in their modules,

  • track students' progress through activities and resources,

  • create personalised learning by providing different resources and activities based on individual students' achievements. 

Timed Release

Timed Release allows documents or activities on Moodle to be available to students from or to a set date.  This feature is useful to guide students to read articles at a set point in their course or to ask them to complete a piece of assessment at a particular time, e.g. an in-class multiple-choice test.

Grade Conditions

Lecturers can guide students to different resources based on each student's existing knowledge, thereby personalising each student's route through the module based on their achievement.

For example, a mid-term formative quiz has been set. Those students who achieve more than 70% in the quiz will get access to Report 1. Those who achieve less than 70% will be given access to a follow-up presentation.

Activity Completion

Activities can be set to be manually marked as complete by students or Moodle will automatically mark them as complete when conditions are met.

For example, an Assignment is hidden from students until all three of the activities have been marked by the students as complete. The Week 3 Assignment will automatically be marked as complete by Moodle when the assignment has been submitted.

Student Self Completion

This is beneficial to students as they can keep track of their own progress through a module. Students are able to mark work as complete as they move through the module.

You can use the Activity completion settings with Restrict access settings to provide conditional activities for students. With conditional activities you can

  • force students to follow a particular pathway,

  • create alternative pathways in a module by setting the access according to different criteria.

Using Activity Completion

Activity Completion is enabled by default on all new modules. If you are working on a pre 2020/21 module you will need to enable Completion tracking.

If required, follow these steps to enable completion tracking on your module:

  1. Click on Settings. If course completion is enabled, it will appear as an option in the Settings menu.  If course completion is not enabled, click Edit settings.

  2. On the course settings page, scroll down to the Completion tracking settings. Click on the title to reveal its options.

  3. To turn completion tracking on, select Yes from the Enable completion tracking drop-down menu.

  4. Click save and display.

Activity Completion settings

Depending on the type of activity, there can be different completion requirements. For example, a page might have the requirement to require view; a Quiz might have the requirement to require grade while a Forum might have the requirement to require posts/discussions/replies.

  1. Click Turn editing on.

  2. Click on Edit > Edit settings for the activity you wish to turn on completion tracking for.

  3. On the updating page, scroll down to the Activity completion settings. Click on the title to reveal its options. The number of fields visible will depend on the status of the Completion tracking method.

  4. Select the completion tracking method from the drop-down menu. There are three options:

    • Do not indicate activity completion - this will not show checks (ticks) next to the activity. No further fields will be visible with this option.

    • Students can manually mark the activity as completed - students check the completion tick box to indicate activity completion. (Note: they can do this even without doing the activity!) Selecting this option will reveal an additional field. Please see step 6 for more information.

    • Show activity as complete when conditions are met - the selected completion criteria must be met before the activity is marked as complete. By selecting this option, several additional fields may be visible. Please see steps 5 and 6 for more information.

  5. Check the require view option if you want to enable this. When this option is turned on, students have to view the activity in order to complete it.

    • In most cases, clicking the link is enough to 'view' the activity.

    • You would usually not turn on the 'view' condition if you have other requirements - it's unlikely that a student could meet any other conditions without viewing the activity.

  6. If you wish to have this activity completed by an expected date then you can enable and set the Expect completed on date. This date is not shown to students and is only displayed in the Activity completion report.

  7. Click Save and return to course when finished.

Several settings are only available in specific types of activities when Completion tracking is set to Show activity as complete when conditions are met.


Require grade

  • This setting is available in activities that can be graded. When this option is turned on, students have to get a grade on the activity in order to complete it. For example, a Quiz would be marked completed as soon as the user submits it as it is normally auto-marked by Moodle.

  • With this setting, it does not matter how well the student did. Getting any grade will mark the activity as completed.

Setting criteria for grading

It is possible to distinguish between pass and fail grades so that the activity becomes completed, passed or completed, not passed instead of just completed. These results show a different icon and alternative text.

To set this up, you need to specify the pass value for the activity's individual grade:

Turn editing on. In your module open the activity. Click Settings in the top right corner followed by Edit settings. Scroll down to and expand the Grade settings. Type a grade value (e.g. 50.0) in the Grade to pass box. Scroll down and click Save and return to course.

Once you have done this, students will receive either the pass or fail completion icon when the activity is graded.  For example, a student submitting a Quiz would receive this once the quiz has been auto-marked. If the quiz can be taken multiple times, the completion icon will automatically update whenever the grade does.

This only works if grades are immediately visible to students. The grade must be neither permanently hidden, nor hidden until a certain date. If a grade is hidden then only the standard 'completed' state will be displayed - even once the hidden date has passed

Require submission - Student must submit to this activity to complete it

  • This setting appears in assignments and means that an assignment will be considered as completed once the student has submitted - but before the Lecturer has had time to grade it.

Require posts

  • This setting is found in forums. For the forum to be classed as complete, the student must either start a discussion or reply to a discussion. The number of posts they must make can be specified in the box.

Require discussions

  • This setting is found in forums. For the forum to be classed as complete, the student must start a discussion topic. The number of posts they must make can be specified in the box.

Require replies

  • This setting is found in Forums. For the forum to be classed as complete, the student must reply to a discussion. The number of posts they must make can be specified in the box.

Bulk edit Activity completion

Click on Settings > Course completion. Choose Bulk edit activity completion.

Select the activities/resources where you want to add/edit activity completion and click Edit.

Editing in bulk works best when you select activities/resources with the same type of activity completion, e.g. all assignments or all resources.

Update/Add/Remove activity completion settings and click Save changes.

Review activity completion progress

You can monitor student progress for activity completion set on your module by clicking on Settings > Reports > Activity completion

As a Lecturer or Course Administrator you can manually change activity completion on behalf of students by checking or unchecking activity completion. Check or uncheck activity completion for the relevant students and click Save changes

Scroll to the bottom of the page to download a spreadsheet if required to review the progress of students.

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