General guidance for online assessments delivered using the Quiz activity




The aim of this guide is to provide you with all the information required to prepare for:

  • Time limited assessment to be taken at any time within a 24-hour window

If you need to set up a 24-hour assessments, 48-hour assessments, 72-hour assessments, One-week assessments, Two-week assessments, Three-week assessment, Longer coursework pieces or Time limited assessments with a common start/finish time for all students, please visit General guidance for online assessments delivered using the Assignment activity.


  • The Moodle Assignment activity is not equipped to support time limited assessment to be taken at any time within a 24-hour window, (i.e. the clock starts ticking once students access the assessment questions and they must submit their answer within 3 hours).

  • This functionality is only available in Moodle Quizzes. Therefore, you must use the Quiz activity to support time limited assessment to be taken within a 24-hour period.

  • For more information on using the Quiz activity, including how to bulk download essay questions, please see our Quiz guidance.

Important note

  • Departmental staff setting up online assessments on Moodle course(s), must ensure that the Assignment submission link appears in an appropriate place on the Moodle page (where the students can easily locate and identify it).

  • Departmental staff are required to configure settings, check that all students are enrolled, apply restrictions etc. and upload all the relevant information (i.e. Assessment paper, instructions to candidates etc.)

Please read the instructions below carefully, regardless of your familiarity with Moodle. Some settings are designed to increase the security of the uploaded ‘Assessment paper’, and ensure the smooth running of the online assessment.

Assessment readiness checklist

Quick checklist:

  1. Have you checked that all students (registered, deferred, resit etc.) who should take the assessment are enrolled into the Moodle course and have the correct role (i.e. Student or Auditing Student)?

  2. Have you communicated to your students the assessment guidance (including details of the support available during the assessment period)?

  3. Have you uploaded the ‘Assessment paper and instructions to candidates' and the 'Coversheet for submission’ to the Moodle Quiz(zes)?

  4. Have you included the Academic Integrity Statement to the Essay type question?

  5. Have you updated the Moodle Quiz settings ('Open the quiz from' date and time/ & ‘Close the quiz' date and time) with the time set to the relevant time (UK time)?

  6. Have you added the ‘Restrict access’ criterion based on the ‘Open the quiz from’ date and time?

  7. Have you created the Groups to restrict access?

  8. Have you added the ‘Restrict access criterion’ based on Groups?

  9. Where required, have you created separate Moodle Quizzes, for deferred, resit etc students (i.e. students who are required to answer different assessment questions)?

  10. Have you created a dummy/practice Quiz for your students to practice submitting, reduce anxiety and identify any technical/other problems?

  11. Have you informed your students about an alternative submission method (e.g. programme email address) in case of technical difficulties? (See sample template for wording below).

  12. Have you built in additional time for preparing the files for upload where appropriate? (See sample template for wording).

  13. Have you informed your students of the relevant guides for this assessment? We have produced the following student guides:




A. Ensure students have access (are enrolled) on the Moodle course

Manage enrolments

To check students are enrolled on the Moodle course, follow the steps below.

  • Log into Moodle and go to the course you want to check.

  • On the Administration block, at the left hand side of the screen, use the arrow icon in front of Users to expand and see the available options. Click Enrolled users.

  • You will now see all the enrolled Participants. Ensure all the students who will take the assessment are listed on this screen.

  • If you need to manually enrol a student, click on the Enrol users button, and search for the student you want to add, assigning them the role Student.

  • If you need to manually remove any student(s), use the bin icon, next to a student's name as shown below.

If you have a very high number of students, you may want to download a spreadsheet to check out the enrolled students

  • To remove a role from a student, click on the pencil icon next to the role.

  • Click the 'x' in the blue box of the role you wish to remove and then click on the disc icon to save your changes.

B. Communicate to your students the requirements of their assessment

C. Create and set-up a Quiz activity (for time limited assessment to be taken at any time within a 24-hour period)

In this section you will find detailed information on creating and setting up the Quiz activity for your assessment. Please read it carefully. If you are unable to find the information you need please email


Quiz activity


Quiz activity

Anonymous marking (hides the identity of students)
* This is essential if Markers will mark online

Not Possible
* You cannot hide the students' identity in Moodle Quizzes, however you can resolve the issue if PS staff download the submissions for offline marking.

Use of Turnitin

Not Possible
* If Turnitin is a requirement, it is possible to upload student submissions manually on the Turnitin website.


Submission Statement (the School’s Academic integrity statement)
* The ability to have a tick box for students to accept the School’s Academic integrity statement

Not Possible
* The Academic Integrity statement should be included in the Question Text (see Section 2. Add an Essay question to the quiz… below)

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to set up the Quiz.

1. Set up the Quiz

  • Log into Moodle and navigate to the course where you want to create the Quiz (e.g. XX100).

  • Turn editing on

  • Go to the section where you want to add the Quiz, and click Add an activity or resource. Make sure both the Section and the Quiz are easy for students to locate within the course.

  • In the Add an activity or resources pop-up window, select Quiz and click Add.

The instructions below take you through all the Quiz settings available and the changes required.

1.1. General

  • In General, provide a meaningful Name for the quiz.

  • Add a Description to provide students with the required information.

1.2. Timing

  • In Timing, make sure you set up the correct Open the quiz date and time, and the correct Close the quiz date and time.

  • Time limit - set this as appropriate. The time limit is the total time allowed (e.g. 3.5 hours), including both the time allowed for complete the assessment (e.g. 3 hours) and the the time allowed to prepare and upload submissions (e.g. 30 minutes).

  • When time expires - set this to “Attempts must be submitted before time expires, or they are not counted.”

1.3. Grade

In Grade, set the number of Attempts allowed to '1'.

1.4. Layout

  • New page - set to 'Never, all questions on one page'

  • Navigation method - set to 'Sequential'.

1.5. Question behaviour

In Question behaviour, set Shuffle within questions to ‘No’.

Leave Review options, Appearance, Safe Exam Browser, Extra restrictions on attempts, and Overall feedback all to their default settings.

1.6. Common module settings

  • Availability - keep this set to ‘Hide from students.’

  • Group mode - keep this set to ‘No groups.’

1.7. Restrict access - Date

In Restrict access, set up an access restriction to ensure the Quiz link is not accessible from course’s homepage up until the set Open the quiz date and time.

  • Click Add restriction…

  • Click Date from the pop-up window that appears.

  • Set the Date criterion. You must select the same Date and time as the Open the quiz date and time you entered in the Timing section above.




1.8 Restrict Access - Group

This section provides guidance on how to set up a Group in Moodle, and restrict access to the Quiz to the specific students entitled to take the quiz only. If you have a Quiz for deferred, resit etc students (see Section 4 below, you will also have to create a Group for them, and apply the restriction to any of their Quizzes.

Step 1. Create a Group (e.g. a group that contains all the current year students)

  • In the Administration block, on the left hand side of the screen, use the arrow icon 'v' in front of Users to expand and see the available options. Click Groups.

  • Click Create group.

  • In Group name provide a meaningful name for your group (e.g. Group - All current year students), and click Save changes.

  • Once the group is created, click Add/remove users

  • Select the users from the potential users list and click Add. Then click Back to Groups.

  • You will see the number of members of the group you created, within the brackets.

Step 2. Apply the Group restriction to the Quiz

  • Go back to the Quiz to edit its setting, and scroll down to the Restrict Access section, where you previously added the Date restriction.

  • In the same way, you previously added the Date restriction, click on Add restriction… and this time select Group.

  • Select the group you created (e.g. Group - All current year students).

  • Scroll down and click Save and return to course.

2. Add an Essay question to the quiz, and attach the Assessment paper and instructions to candidates and the Coversheet for submission

  • From the course homepage, click on the Quiz activity

  • The Quiz activity is empty until you add a question. Click Edit quiz.

  • Expand the ‘Add v’ menu and select + a new question

  • From the question type pop-up window, choose Essay and click Add.

The Editing an Essay question form appears.

Under General:

  • Add a Question name

  • In the Questions text box, provide students with the necessary instructions for their assessment and link to the .

  • To link the Assessment paper and instructions to candidates, and the Coversheet for submission, highlight the sentence you want to make a link, as shown below and click on the link icon of the HTML editor.

  • In the pop-up window, tick the box next to Open in new window. This will open the linked documents in a new browser window/tab. This allows students to have both the Assessment paper and instructions to candidates and the quiz timer open at the same time.

  • Click on Browse repositories…

  • On the File picker pop-up window, ensure Upload a file is selected, then click Browse…, to browse the file you want to Open from your computer. Then click Upload this file.

  • The linked text is highlighted in red, as shown below.

  • In the same way, you can link the Coversheet for submission.

Under Response Options:

  • Response format - set to ‘No online text’.

  • Allow attachments - set to ‘Unlimited’ (to account for the fact that students are expected to submit the Coversheet for submission with their answers and any other files as may be required, e.g. scanned images, photographed diagrams, Letter of Notification (LoN) etc.)

  • Require attachments - set this to at least ‘1'.

  • Leave all other settings at their defaults settings, and click Save changes.

  • On the screen that appears, set both the grade of the question and the Maximum grade to 100. This is not necessary, but considering you have to enter a grade you can enter 100.

Go back to the homepage and the link appears as below (hidden):

3. Make the Quiz activity visible to students

From the course homepage, use the Quiz’s Edit drop-down menu, and click Show.

The Quiz activity on the course homepage appears as below. As you can see it will remain greyed out for students (i.e. not available) because of the restrict access date criterion added.

4. Set up a Quiz for previous year students (i.e. if they are examined in a different paper)

  • Create the second Quiz and apply the same settings as the ones you applied above.

  • You will need to name the Quizzes in a way that clearly signposts to students that the assessment is relevant to them and not other groups (e.g. Resit 2019/20 year students).

  • In addition, you need to add a date restriction (see 1.7 Restrict Access - Date above), create a Group for them and restrict access to the the quiz to this group (see 1.8 Restrict Access - Group above).

5. Providing for students with Central Exam Adjustments (CEAs)

6. Set up a dummy/practice Quiz

D. Student guides

Eden Digital has produced the following student guides: