Navigating the Echo360 instructor home page

Once you have logged into Echo you will see the following instructor home page.

Each part of the home page is explained in detail below.

  1. This is the upload button that allows you to add personal media to the echo. Once the video or audio file has been uploaded it can be added to courses or shared with other users. For a detailed guide in how to upload please go to .

  2. On the left hand side of the page you can find the menu bar. The courses tab allows you to view the content and courses you are an instructor on. All content will show you everything that you have been assigned ownership of (Ownership is assigned to a requestor or lecturer of a class or event) as well as anything that has been shared with you. My content contains everything you are an owner of. Shared with me with contain all recordings that have been shared with you for viewing. The groups tab shows all groups you are a part of. Groups can be used to bring recordings to a single accessible location, this can be useful for things such as welcome events. To have a group created please contact

  3. The search bar allows you to search for captures more specifically.

  4. The central area of the page will show you all of the courses or captures that are viewable to you in that section, you can click on these for viewing or editing. If within the courses tab you can enter the courses instructor page. ‘How to…’ guides for the courses page can be found here - .

  5. Settings, here you are able to amend your personal setting, view Echos own personal guides, download the software needed for or give feedback to Echo themselves.

  6. Click here to log out.

  7. The start capture / Universal capture buttons allow you begin captures yourselves in the rooms we have the hardware installed. A guide on how to do so can be found here - .