Scheduling your Lecture Recording Preferences

From the start of the 2022-23 academic year LSE will be moving from a mandatory lecture recording policy to an ‘opt-out’ lecture recording policy. All lectures timetabled in rooms with a lecture recording facility will automatically be recorded unless a teacher has opted out prior to the lecture taking place.

Guidance on how to opt out of lecture recording will appear on this page in early September.

Please note these important points:

  • All sessions timetabled as a “lecture” activity in rooms where facilities are available will be scheduled to be recorded unless the lecturer(s) opts out.

  • The authority to opt out of lecture recording, and the responsibility for implementing this policy, will reside with the individual lecturer.

  • Recordings will not be used to replace teaching in the event of an industrial dispute without permission of the lecturer(s).

  • The performance rights in the lecture remain with the lecturer(s).