Teaching and Learning Spaces at LSE

Space is a critical part of shaping learning and teaching.  Space shapes the way the rest of our senses engage in the visual and verbal interactions taking place in our classroom, computer rooms and learning spaces. From the tactility and position of the furniture, to the ambience of the lighting through to the opportunities to engage, collaborate, create and inspire; teaching and learning spaces are more than the sum of the chairs and tables in a room.

Since 2015 LSE has been rethinking what space means to teaching and learning at the School. The digital education team (and now as part of the Eden Centre) have been working collaboratively with DTS and the Estates Division to lead the discussion about how students and teachers (along with our community) use such spaces at the School. This has informed a number of redevelopment projects over the last few years as part of a 10 year redevelopment plan from 2017 onwards. These ideas have also fed into the redevelopment of the Centre and Marshall buildings.

We are planning to develop some online resources to support teachers' and students' effective use of these improved spaces.

Some of the spaces redeveloped as part of the 10 year plan


  • 20 Kingsway Ground Floor Mixed Mode Teaching Space

  • Kings Chambers Collaborative Seminar Room
    Parish Hall

  • 32LIF Collaborative Seminar Rooms

  • Fawcett House 4th Floor Collaborative Computer Rooms

  • St. Clements Basement PC labs

  • Fawcett House and Pankhurst House teaching rooms (various floors)

  • 20 Kingsway teaching rooms (all floors)

  • Clement House teaching rooms (all floors)

Informal/social learning spaces

  • Transition – 20 KSW Foyer

  • Markets – Tower 2, 4th floor corridor

  • Hive-Studio, Old.B.25

  • Recharge – Old building lift spaces

  • 20 Kingsway Computer Room

  • Clement House Learning Spaces

Photograph of LSE classroom - ground floor 20 Kingsway
Photograph of LSE classroom - Parish Hall
Photograph of LSE informal learning space - old building basement