LSE Moodle academic year rollover

Each year, new copies are made of (almost) all Moodle pages ahead of the new academic year. These are exact copies of the most recent Moodle page for that course. They contain all the activities and files of the old course, but none of the enrolments or student data.

When these courses are ready for you to edit, you will see announcements on Moodle and in the Staff News newsletter. You may also be informed directly by your department or programme manager.

June 2024: This page has been updated to reflect the new changes to how rollover and the new academic year are treated in Moodle. You can find more information on what has changed at

Key points

  • From 2024/25, new pages contain the academic year in their title. You can recognise which academic year a course belongs to by its name and the name of the category in which it lives. eg Accounting 2024/24: ‘AC100 - Elements of Accounting and Finance 2024/25’

  • Editors can find their new courses in the ‘Future’ section of ‘My Courses’. When first created, courses will live in the ‘future’ section of both ‘My Courses’ and ‘Course Essentials’ on your dashboard. They will move to ‘In Progress’ when they reach their start date in September.

  • Courses retain course content but not student data. Course copies for the new academic year duplicate the content of the most recent previous version of that course, but do not include enrolments, submissions, or other student data.

  • The ‘Do not refresh' tag is no longer needed. The new procedure of duplicating courses removes the previous need to reset existing pages, and thus the need for the ‘do not refresh’ or ‘late refresh’ tags.

  • Student course selections for the 2024-25 academic year will appear in the new courses from September. Students can make course selections in LSE for You from late July. They will then be automatically enrolled in the new 2024/25 course pages from September 16.

We will communicate this through emails and on the Moodle home page, but do disseminate this widely, please.

Key Dates 2024/25

June 19, 2024

New Moodle courses for 2024/25 academic year will be available to edit.

August 30, 2024

Most Moodle courses from the 2023/24 academic year will end.

September 16, 2024

Start date for 2024/25 Moodle courses.

September 17, 2024

New student enrolments will begin to appear in Moodle courses.

October 11, 2024

Most Moodle courses from 2023/24 will be archived in ‘read-only’ mode.

Further Details

To learn more about the rollover and archiving process, please see the Moodle Rollover and Archiving Process FAQ

For help getting your new course ready for the academic year, please see: Get your course ready for the start of term: Moodle Checklist.

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