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  1. Log into Echo360 using your LSE email address and password.

  2. Navigate to your Library section

  3. Locate the video you wish to publish and click on it.

  4. You should now see the following information when scrolling down to below the caption.

  5. Click the Add to A Class button

  6. Select Course to link the content to the course code you require.

    • Note: If you are not a listed ‘Instructor’ within the section you will be unable to view the course in question. Please contact if this is the case so they can add you to the required section.

  7. Select New Class and populate the fields that appear. Selecting Existing Class at this point will delete and overwrite a caption capture that is already in place.

  8. Note the Availability settings here - use these to determine if and when students can access your video.

  9. Upon completion, click the sharebutton to complete the publishing process.

  10. You should now see that the recording has been published to that course in Echo which in turn can be linked to Moodle.

    1. You can create a link from Moodle to all of the Echo360 recordings for a particular course or

    2. Create a link from Moodle to a single Echo360 recording.