Accessibility block

Why use it?

The Accessibility Block allows users to customise Moodle pages to meet their accessibility requirements.

Note: The accessibility block is available by default in all courses for all users.

Using the accessibility tools

The block allows users to decrease and increase font size, and apply three different colour schemes to Moodle pages.

The settings can be reset or applied as required.


Alter text size

  • Decrease Text Size

  • Reset Text Size

  • Increase Text Size

Change contrast

  • Lowered Contrast 1

  • Lowered Contrast 2

  • High Contrast

  • Default Colour Scheme

ATbar Functions

The ATbar can be accessed by clicking on the Launch ATbar button that is located within the block. Ticking the checkbox will cause ATbar to be automatically loaded each time you visit a page containing the Accessibility block.

ATbar has several advanced Accessibility functions on top of the ability to change page styles, including Text-To-Speech and Dictionary lookup.

Note: If you change styles with ATbar, they will not persist between pages as they do with the native functions, nor are you currently able to save them.

  • Font settings

  • Spellchecker

  • Dictionary

  • Text to speech

  • Word prediction

  • Change styles and colour overlay