Book a space for pre-recording or live online teaching


This page provides guidance on how to book an on-campus space for pre-recording or for running live online lectures. This might be useful if you don’t have a quiet office space to use.

We will also cover some general guidance.  We do not recommend pre-recording in a Lecture theatre as the lecturer will look relatively small and the room would be empty.

Presenting/recording in the ‘studio rooms’

The ‘studio’ rooms are currently Clement House CLM.G.05, 20 Kingsway KSW.1.03, KSW.2.07 & KSW.2.11 these are bookable via room bookings.  

Book a room by contacting

Room bookings will book the room and contact the Eden Centre

These rooms currently have the following equipment setup:

Set up



Lecture Recording/Presenting Hardware including mics and cameras

ECHO 360 Universal Capture (Classroom) Software installed

Zoom software installed

You may also use your own laptop, camera and microphone

Presenting Live

  • If using the classroom PC, sign into the PC.

  • Ensure that you have signed into Zoom.

  • Check the microphone and room camera are working.

Recording lectures

  • The recording will not be ‘scheduled’ as this will start at a precise time and will continue for the whole period, therefore, to give the lecturer control, they will be able to start and stop the lecture as they wish.

  • Additional guidance is available here on how to set up ad hoc recordings.

  • Further support is available via and on the following numbers 5300/5400.

Recording in your office

If you have a suitable space on campus or at home, you can also record in your own office. You'll need the following setup.

Set up

PC and Webcam or

Laptop with inbuilt camera

Headset Recommended

Windows 10 or MacOS required

ECHO 360 Universal Capture (personal) Software installed

Please also see the full guide to using Echo 360 universal capture for recording your lectures.

If you need a web cam and/or headset please contact your department admin office.

Users of Macs can download the Echo 360 Universal Capture: Personal from  System Requirements are here: