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 What is a Moodle Archive?

LSE Moodle Archive is a read-only copy of LSE Moodle for each academic year.

The purpose of the LSE Moodle Archive is to retain an accessible digital record of each course for students and staff. This is useful for students who have to resit or retake courses and for students and staff who want to review material from previous years. It also keeps the current year’s courses on Moodle clutter free.

Each year, an archive copy will be created and it will be kept for three years.

All records present on LSE Moodle will be included in the archive. This includes, course content (e.g. resources, web links), activities (e.g. forum posts, assignments, quizzes), stored records, grades and feedback.  Please note that due to license agreements lecture recordings will only be available in the most current archive and will be removed after one year.

The level of access to the archives reflects the level of access on the day the archive copy was created. For example, if a student was enrolled on a suite of courses when the 2018/19 archive was taken, they will have access to the same courses (read-only) in the 2018/19 archive.

 What is the LSE Moodle archive for?

The purpose of the LSE Moodle Archive is to provide an accessible digital snapshot of each course as it was at academic year-end, for the benefit of both students and staff. There are a range of scenarios in which this might prove useful:

  • for students who may have to resit exams,
  • or for staff who may want to be able to refer to resources or activities from previous years without cluttering their current year Moodle course,
  • or for checking on assignment and grade results.
 Key Dates

Archive copies of LSE Moodle will be taken towards the end of every academic year just after the main exam period.

 How does the archive work?

By default, when the archive is created all courses within it are 'hidden' from students. Moreover, all quizzes and assignments within the courses are also 'hidden'. If students are required to see their grades/feedback (and in case of assignments to download their submissions), the activity needs to be visible.

Course editors will be able to make (the) course(s) visible on the Moodle archive as soon as an archive is released.

  • Editors who had permission to enrol/unenrol other users at the time the archive snapshot was taken, will be able to do so in the Moodle archive and there will be no need to contact LTI to ask for permission.

  • Students should contact their departments if they wish to see any course content that has not been made visible.

If you are an editor and you want to make a course visible, go into the course in the Moodle archive and then go into the

Administration block, click

Edit settings > change the Visibility option to Show.

To hide and/or reveal any activities and/or resources within the course: Click Turn editing on > Click Edit (use the drop-down menu next to the activity you want to hide/reveal) > Select Hide (or Show depending on your choice).

 Will students have access to the courses on the Moodle Archive that they are resitting automatically?

No. Courses in the Moodle archive are hidden by default and departments are responsible to make courses visible throughout the whole year. If courses are not made visible to students, they will not be available to anyone, apart from the editors that were enrolled on them at the time the archive snapshot was taken.

If you are an editor and you want to make a course visible, go into the course in the Moodle archive and then go into the

Administration block, click

Edit settings > change the Visibility option to Show.

If you are a student and you cannot find the course, it is hidden, please contact your department.

 Will all students be able to access all archives?

Access to the archive is based on roles held by users when the Moodle archive was created; eg, only those students that were enrolled in 2018/19 will be able access courses that have been made visible in the 2018/19 archive.

 How long will the lecture recordings be available for on the Moodle archive?

Lecture recordings will be available for three years on the archive.

 Will students be able to access the archive after their LSE accounts expire?

No. students will need to have an active LSE account to be able to access the Moodle archive.

If you have a question that is not listed here please contact

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