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Scroll to the end and click Finish Review on next screen. Then click Attempts: (number) to return to the Grades screen where the essay question mark is now showing and the quiz itself has been graded.

Bulk downloading of essay questions

If you have a large number of Essay type questions, you may wish to bulk download them in order to read them offline.


Unfortunately, there isn't a way to bulk re-upload submissions. Therefore, it is not possible to annotate scripts, as is the case when using the Assignment activity.

Open the quiz activity.

Click on the cog on the right-hand side and choose Download essay submissions from the drop-down menu.


You can now choose how you would like the downloaded folder structured.  If the quiz only has one essay question, it is simplest to select Essay question wise.  Unless you have allowed an online text response to the question, it is unlikely you would want to include either a text response file or question text file.  Once you have selected your settings, click Download.


A Zip File will download. You can open this in whatever way you normally do so.

If you have chosen to download the submissions Essay question wise (see above), your folder will be named in accordance with the question name.


Inside the folder will be a folder for each of the participants with their submissions inside.


Bulk grading of essay questions