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  1. Log into Moodle, go to the Navigation block and click Site Home to see a list of all departments. Click on your department.

  2. Click on a course name, then click Enrol me.

  3. Courses protected with an enrolment key (password) are usually only available to student students officially enrolled on the course so your lecturer or teacher will provide this if you are taking the course.

Note: you can also search for courses through the  Search Courses tool, (magnifying glass icon) in the top menu, using the course code and then enrol this way.  If you cannot find the course you are looking for it may not be available to students and you should check with the department.

Note: for most of your courses you will be automatically enrolled and won’t need to do this yourself.  For more information on registering your courses see ‘How do I register my courses?’ above.

Q8: How do I unenrol from the Moodle course?

  1. Log into Moodle, go to the Navigation block and click My courses.

  2. Click on the course name of the course you want un-enrol from.

  3. Click Un-enrol me from … in the Administration block.

  4. Confirm that you want to un-enrol from the course by clicking Continue.

Note: you cannot un-enrol onto courses that you have been automatically enrolled on.

Q9: Can I use the Moodle app?


Forums are useful places for receiving information, discussing topics with peers and for asking questions relating to your course. As with any form of communication, written, spoken or otherwise, it is important that you show respect to those you are conversing with. Also remember that it is more difficult to ‘take something back’ in written communication. Contributions are in the public domain and ‘committed to posterity’. Moodle forum posts will not be made available outside the institution however. So you should not flinch from being honest, controversial and passionate, but keep your comments on topic and avoid making personal remarks. 

Q13. Why


am I not getting forum notifications?

If a forum has been set up with optional subscription then you have to sign up to it to receive posts.


Some course proprietors may choose to make courses unavailable before this time so that they can prepare them for the following academic year. This would not normally happen until after the exam period has finished, or in the case of taught postgraduate courses until dissertations have been submitted. However, this is entirely at the discretion of the academic department and course proprietors.

Although, you will still be able to log into Moodle itself until the December after you graduate, you should seek permission from the relevant academic department if you wish to access a Moodle course after the course has been automatically reset. Similarly, requests for access to archives of past course iterations should be made to the Eden Centre Digital Education team via the relevant academic department.