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titleI am a Moodle editor – what do I need to do?

Before the refresh

Tag your courses if you want them exempt from the Moodle refresh

If you want your course to be exempt from the 2021 refresh you will need to Tag your course in Moodle. Remember that you will need to remember to manually refresh/reset your course at a later date. To tag your course, log in into Moodle and your course, go to the “Administration” block on the left and click “Edit Settings” to reveal a fairly long list of settings. Scroll down to “Tags” and expand it. If you want your course to be exempt from the refresh, type in “Do not refresh” (see below screenshot):

Screengrab showing 'Do not refresh' tag setting

Please note that the majority of students will not have access to their 2020/21 Moodle courses beyond 14th September.  Students must have downloaded any items they wish to continue to use before 15th September, and you must have downloaded all student assignment submissions.

The exception to this is:

  • Courses that will be used again by current students, e.g. departmental and programme level undergraduate courses. These will carry forward their student data to 2021/22.

After 14th September, Moodle cannot be used to collect submissions for assignments due in the 2020/21 academic session. Separate arrangements must be made for students submitting 2020/21 assignments after 14th September.

Students can download materials in bulk from their Moodle courses, using a feature called “Download Centre” on the Navigation block (expand Courses and then expand the current course code see screenshot below).

Screengrab showing location of Download centre in the navigation block

You can also make content accessible for students by making courses available on the Moodle Archive.

After the refresh

Update and make your courses visible to new students

As part of the refresh, courses are made unavailable (hidden) to students (unless tagged ‘Do not refresh’). You will need to make the course available to the new cohort of students when ready. For more information on how to get your course ready for the next academic year, check Get your course ready for the start of term: Moodle Checklist.

If you have any questions, please contact Eden Digital.